We have a discord server open to public with people playing plenty of different games!

The only rule that exist on our discord server is: RESPECT . We ask all our members to stay respectful and never insult other members. *trolls* will get banned on the spot. Multiple moderators are online at different moments of the day to take in charge the problems which can occur.

A lot of channels have been created on the server. All you gotta do is join an empty channel with your friends or join an already occupied channel if you wanna play with other members.

Language Selection

Network Status

Everything is fine

Our Infrastructure (geek stuff)

Dedicated Server:
• Intel Xeon E5 2670 3.3ghz
• 128gb DDR3 RAM
• Hard Drives 2x3tb RAID1
• 1gbps link - 250mbps guaranteed (unlimited bandwidth)
• Anti-DDOS protection
• Virtualized environment using VMware

The small details:
• Our monitoring and status page are on a standalone VPS
• Our main website/DNS are on a shared host
• We are completely backuped on different NAS

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