Oxyda Network is making websites and services for everyone. You are on our main website and it serves as a presentation of our services. You will find our services' status, our accomplishments and ways to contact us. You can follow us on Facebook if you wish.

Since 2008, we offer free services and we'll continue on this path. We opened plenty of game servers and created websites for plenty of different people over the years. We're continiously working on projects.

If you've got interesting projects for us and you'd need server ressources, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're always ready to help good projects


You like our services? Help us keeping them alive by donating;

Oxyda Network owns a powerful dedicated server which is hosting a bunch of virtual machines like our TeamSpeak and game servers. It's not that expensive but it becomes huge when you're alone paying for the bill.

Our bill is due on the 15th day of each month and giving any amount of money will help us towards our goal. You'll understand that giving us money won't be refundable for any reasons since all the cash is going towards our infrastructure fees.


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Network Status

Everything is fine

Our Infrastructure (geek stuff)

Dedicated Server:
• Intel Xeon E5 2670 3.3ghz
• 128gb DDR3 RAM
• Hard Drives 2x3tb RAID1
• 1gbps link - 250mbps guaranteed (unlimited bandwidth)
• Anti-DDOS protection
• Virtualized environment using VMware

The small details:
• Our monitoring and status page are on a standalone VPS
• Our main website/DNS are on a shared host
• We are completely backuped on different NAS

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